The Speed Learning Approach

Learning a new language the traditional way we know from school can be a very tedious, non-effective and time-consuming process – this is why the U.S. Government developed a special language course to train their diplomats, FBI and CIA in the shortest time possible to full competency in a new language.

Now you can take advantage of these special courses in a fully revised and more user friendly version as well! Start using the Speed Learning Mandarin course today and learn Mandarin fast and effectively the same way that the U.S. Government has been teaching their diplomats, FBI and CIA for years. This language course with its unique training techniques has been proven and tested by thousands of top agencies of the U.S. Government over many years.

Not only will you learn a new language faster but also much more effectively than you ever thought possible. This award-winning language course is considered among experts to be the best and most complete language course ever developed. Try it out today and see for yourself!

What’s making this course special:

  • You start speaking Mandarin from the very beginning so you will be accustomed to actually speaking Mandarin instead of just reading it from paper and speaking inside your head.
  • It is highly audio-focused, so you will know how to correctly pronounce words and be able to understand native speakers – because being able to communicate is what a language is all about.
  • There is no need to learn hundreds of vocabulary like you were used to in school…you will automatically absorb the vocabularies within the context and they will stay in your memory thanks to a systematic repetition throughout the whole course.
  • Thanks to special designed drills you will be able to build and speak sentences in Mandarin without needing to pause and think before saying a sentence – words will naturally flow out of your mouth…just like in your native language.
  • It is well structured – so instead of getting lost in Mandarin or not knowing what to learn first you will be taken by your hand and guided through the whole course.

Course Structure

This course consists of the Foundation course and 4 Levels. The Foundation course teaches you the Pronunciation, Romanization, Numbers, Time and Dates. The 4 Levels are based on the Foundation course and teach you about different situations (e.g. telling where you come from, making a purchase, asking for directions, etc.) Each Level contains several hours of audio with an accompanying textbook and workbook.

The course consists of 6 unique audio-based steps that are the fastest and most effective way to learn Mandarin:

  • Comprehension Audio: Introduces all the new words and structures in the textbook and lets you hear them in the context of short conversational exchanges. It then works them into other short conversations and longer passages for listening practice, and finally reviews them in sentences. Your goal when using this audio is to understand all the Target List sentences for the unit.
  • Production Audio: Gives you practice in pronouncing the new words and in saying the sentences you learned to understand in the “Comprehension Audio”. Your goal when using the “Production Audio” is to be able to produce any of the sentences in Mandarin when given the English equivalent.
  • Drill Audio: In this Audio you go through various types of drills based on sentences in your textbook and on additional required vocabulary. The drills help you develop fluency, ease of response, and confidence. There are 5 different drills:
  1. Substitution Drills: The teacher (T) in the audio gives a pattern sentence which you, the student (S), repeat. Then the teacher gives a word or phrase which you substitute appropriately in the original sentence. Here is an English example with the Teacher (Audio) and what the Student (You) needs to answer:
  2. T: Are you an American?
    : Are you an American?

    S: Are you English?
    T: French
    S: Are you French?

  3. Transformation Drills: On the basis of a model provided at the beginning of the drill, you need to make a certain change in each sentence the teacher says. Here is an English example, in which the student is changing affirmative sentences into negative ones:
  4. T: I’m going to the bank.
    : I’m not going to the bank.
    I’m going to the store.

    : I’m not going to the store.

  5. Response Drills: On the basis of a model given at the beginning of the drill, the student responds to questions or remarks by the teacher as cued by the teacher. Here is an English example of the drill:
  6. T: What is his name? (cue) Harris
    S: His name is Harris.
    What is her name? (cue) Noss

    : Her name is Noss.

  7. Expansion Drills: The student adds something to a pattern sentence as cued by the teacher. Here is an English example of the drill:
  8. T: He isn’t Chinese. (cue) Japanese
    : He isn’t Chinese. He’s Japanese.
    He isn’t German. (cue) French

    S: He isn’t German. He’s French.

  9. Combination Drills: On the basis of a model given at the beginning of the drill, the student combines two phrases or sentences given by the teacher into a single utterance. Here is an English example of the drill::
  10. T: I am reading a book. John gave me the book.
    : I am reading a book which John gave me.
    Mary bought a picture. I like the picture.

    : Mary bought a picture which I like.

  • Comprehension Audio 2
    This audio provides provides advanced listening practice with exercises containing long, varied passages which fully exploit the possibilities of the material covered. In the accompanying workbook you will answer questions about the passages.
  • Production Audio 2
    This audio resembles the Structural Buildup in that you practice using the new structures of the unit in various situations. The accompanying workbook provides instructions and displays of information for each exercise.
  • Review Audio
    This audio covers everything you have learned in the previous 5 steps and helps you to quickly review the material in a compact form. This can also be used once in a while to refresh the learned material in order not to forget something.

The Course

The Speed Learning Mandarin course consists of Mandarin Foundations and Mandarin Level 1 4.

  • Mandarin Foundations teaches you the proper pronunciation of Mandarin and the basics like numbers, dates and time.
  • Mandarin Level 1+2 builds upon Mandarin Foundations. It is for novices who don’t have any knowledge of Mandarin and for lower intermediates who want to refresh their Mandarin knowledge.
  • Mandarin Level 3+4 is for advanced learners and build upon Mandarin Level 1+2.

Speed Learning Mandarin Foundations

Learning how to pronounce Mandarin words can be hard at the beginning, but with the Foundations course that comes with 6 hours of audio you will learn it with ease. Additionally the Foundation course will also teach you how to read and write in Pinyin, numbers, dates and time. This course comes for free with Level 1+2 and is essential if you are new to Mandarin.

Mandarin Foundations

The Foundation course will teach you:

  • Pronunciation and Romanization ( How to read/write in Pinyin, Tones, Consonants, Vowels, etc)
  • Numbers (1 – 99,999)
  • Dates (Years, Months and Days of the Week)
  • Time (Clock Time and Parts of the Day)

Speed Learning Mandarin Level 1+2

This package includes Level 1+2 which are for novices who don’t have any knowledge of Mandarin or for lower intermediates who want to refresh their Mandarin knowledge. If you are totally new to Mandarin you first need to study the Speed Learning Mandarin Foundations course that comes as a free bonus with Level 1+2. Speed Learning Mandarin Level 1+2 contains 20 hours of audio and 2 accompanying eBooks (410 pages).

Level 1 and the associated Foundation course that you will receive for free provide the linguistic tools needed to begin the study of Mandarin. The materials also introduce the teaching procedures used in this course. Level 1 does not have a situational topic of its own, but rather leads into the situational topic of the following Level 2.

Level 2 provides you with linguistic and cultural skills needed for a conversation typical of a first-meeting situation in China. These skills include those needed at the beginning of a conversation (greetings, introductions, forms of address, etc.) in the middle of a conversation (understanding and answering questions about yourself and your family), and at the end of a conversation.

Mandarin Level 1+2

Speed Learning Mandarin Level 3+4

This package includes Level 3+4 which are for advanced learners who have completed the first 2 levels. Speed Learning Mandarin Level 3+4 contains 20 hours of audio and 2 accompanying eBooks (480 pages).

Level 3 will provide you with the skills needed to exchange money, make simple purchases, discuss your purchases, etc.

Level 4 will provide you with the skills needed to ask for and understand directions to any place indoors or outdoors, to give directions, to understand and give addresses, and to describe relative locations.

Mandarin Level 3+4

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